The source of my butters

Kishya Hayden

It is so important for me to find quality suppliers now. I research constantly and became consumed with the way Shea, mango, and even black soap are made. It is such a tedious yet beautiful process. It amazes me what comes from the nut or seed of a fruit, tree or plant. The women in Ghana, Uganda, and Brazil work very hard to provide for their families making butters. I am very cautious when I buy my butters. I make sure they are unrefined, I also make sure they are fair trade. Meaning the people (most are women) get above...


Kishya Hayden

Wow! What a journey the past month has been. My business is taking off a lot faster than I thought. I truly don't know how I got here. I just wanted to make my own body butters for myself and family. I'm so blessed that others wanted to partake in my products. I create my butters in small batches and I make them to order for the most part. I constantly research beneficial butters and oils for the skin. I am big on using quality ingredients so that best results are given.


Kishya Hayden

Hello everyone, I am so happy to finally have a space to talk to customers about the great benefits of natural oils and butters for your skin. I like to be very informative about what I use and why. I also think it's important that we learn all we can about what we put on our skin and in our hair. I look forward to passing on some great information. Thank you for shopping with me and visiting my store! I'm excited to add more products in the near future.



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