The Aloe Bar

Aloe is known for its soothing and healing affects on irritated skin. Studies have shown it to be beneficial for psoriasis, inflammation, wounds and burns along with dermatitis. Using aloe based soap with other skin loving natural oils can keep your skin smooth, moisturized and soft. We added amazing Spirulina not just for its beautiful green color but it’s benefits to the skin. This amazing herb which is algae, is high in many proteins and vitamins that benefit us internally and externally. It tones skin with its vitamin a, b-12, e, and tyrosine which is anti-aging. It also is a bacteria killer which helps with skin issues like acne. 

With added moisture via the goats milk squares 

❤️aloe fragrance

🚫SLS free

🚫paraben free

🚫dye free

 If you would like it Without fragrance for facial use please leave it in notes 


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