Imagine what it’s like to shower with soap that feels like a whipped body butter on your skin. Beautiful colors and sweet aromas swirling around your skin but cleansing & moisturizing at the same time. These mild whipped soap bases are perfect for children and adults! Oils like virgin coconut and nourishing but light grape seed oil hydrate your skin rather than dry it out like most store bought soaps.

Shower as usual then use your whipped soap for extra moisture and cleansing! 



Lets break down these big name ingredients: GLYCERIN(moisturizer/humectant, AQUA(water), SODIUM COCOYL ISETHIONATE(fatty acid of coconut oil), DISODIUM LAURYL SULFOSUCCINATE (not a sulfate but a surfactant, gentle cleansing agent used in "green" or natural products, safe even for babies),SORBITOL(sugar alcohol)

Whipped with the oils of organic coconut & grapeseed.


❤️no parabens

❤️Mild cleanser

❤️Sulfate Free  

🚫no harsh colorants or dyes(Natural mica color)

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