Morrocan Clay & Rosehip

Naturally Me by Kishya

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Morrocan Clay & Rosehip

One of the most popular and powerful healing clays great for sensitive to normal skin is Moroccan red clay.

Used in spas around the world and in Morocco for centuries as a deep skin and hair cleanser. This clay detoxifies your skin and draws out dirt and toxins deep in the pores while also exfoliating naturally. We added organic rosehip powder to nourish, Tone and benefit the skin with its high content of vitamin also contains vitamin D & E.

To use: take small amount of your jar using the spoon provided or a plastic spoon. Mix with purified water or your favorite nonclogging oil and make a paste. Put all over the face avoiding eyes, and let sit until dry, or up to 10mins. Once dry rinse face with cool water making sure to remove all the clay, pat dry and moisturize.

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