French Clay Mix

Naturally Me by Kishya

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French Clay Mix

This clay mix made for the holidays contains French green clay and French Red Clay. Illite (scientific name for clay)are naturally made from the earth and contain traces of decomposed plants and trace minerals such as copper, magnesium and zinc. The benefits of clay mask making for the face, underarms or even sprinkled in the tub is to detoxify the skin. Clay pulls out deep dirt, germs  and toxins, it can also help make pores appear smaller over time. 


Use: mix a tbsp of clay with a tsp of purified water using a wooden or plastic spoon and bowl. No metals, metal draws the charge and strength from the clays. Make a paste and put on your face and leave on for around 10-15 mins until almost completely dry. Rinse with cool water and always moisturize after!

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