Fruit Facial Oil

Naturally Me by Kishya

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Fruit Facial Oil

This versatile oil is truly amazing! Formulated with regenerative, anti-aging, protective oils that restore the skin. Great for your face, body or hair!!

Most people think they shouldn’t use oil on their face because they have oily skin, or are scared it will give them oily skin...But chemistry tells us oil balances oil.

So to prevent your skin from drying out and producing more oil to combat the dryness you’ve caused you want to keep your skin moisturized. This oil absorbs well and is non-greasy using non-clogging oils to supply your skin with superstar vitamins & antioxidants! Every oil in this formula is a anti aging oil making this superb as a night oil right before your moisturizer. This could also be used for the oil cleansing method as well. 

💫as a face oil use after cleansing and toning but before your moisturizer.

💫as a hair oil use a few drops from root to ends 

💫as a oil cleanser rub oil on your face, gently massage in, use a washcloth that’s ran in water as warm as you can stand, let it sit on your entire face until it’s cool, then wipe the oil off your face with cool water and cloth. 

Made with: Cranberry seed oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Organic Pumpkin seed oil, Vitamin E & Sunflower seed oil.

2 oz. amber jar with dropper

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