Relaxing Amethyst Bath Soak

Naturally Me by Kishya

$ 13.00
Relaxing Amethyst Bath Soak

With everyone in such a rush we rarely take time to unwind and soak in a warm bath. It's essential to our body, nerves and bones to relax in warm calming water and release stress and pain.

This salt soak contains 8oz of 100% Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt, lavender buds, and lavender essential oil, along with a personal amethyst stone. 

Dead Sea Salt-high quality sea salt replenishes minerals critical to skin metabolism. Increases circulation, calms the nervous systems, slow aging skin, combat stress, and relieve fluid retention.

Epsom Salt- eliminate toxins, clear pores, exfoliate, relieve stress and pain in muscles,and loosen dead skin.

Lavender- Relax the body and mind, high in antioxidants, alleviate headaches, improves sleep, if inhaled daily it fights cancers, depression, heals wounds,and improves brain function and the list goes on!

amethyst stone-increases nobility, spiritual awareness, inner peace and healing, healing of body and soul, positive transformation, meditation, balance and relieves stress!



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