Rose Clay

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Rose Clay

Rose kaolin clay is a mild clay great for normal to dry skin. Rose Clay draws out toxins, gently exfoliates and detoxifies the skin while also increasing circulation. Rose clay also helps to reduce inflammation.

ingredient: Pure rose kaolin clay-8oz

tips for mask: mix a tbsp or 2 with clean water, your favorite light oil (jojoba is great) and or herbs to make a great mask. Or just water will do. Make it a thick not runny consistency to your liking. Put on face and don't let it get so dry it flakes.

Warning: Do the touch test! Touch the clay once you see it's drying and getting lighter, is it still somewhat sticky? A little moisture left to it? Good. Rinse it off now. Don't over do it and leave it on too long sucking the the life out of your skin!! 

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