Rose & Peach Cleansing Salt Scrub

Naturally Me by Kishya

$ 14.00
Rose & Peach Cleansing Salt Scrub

We prefer gentle exfoliation in our scrubs. Why? Because abrasive exfoliants actually can be damaging for the skin, making small microscopic tears to your beautiful outer layer. For that reason we always choose finely ground exfoliants...This exfoliating Scrub is a combination of Himalayan pink salt, finely ground pumice and beautiful morrocan roses for beauty And fragrance. Pink salt is naturally rich in nutrients and minerals from the Himalayan mountains, allowing it to detox and exfoliate the skin.

For moisture we added grape seed oil, vegetable glycerin, and sweet almond oil to pull in and keep moisture as you exfoliate and cleanse. Calming and beneficial to the skin rose absolute is added for its therapeutic properties as well as skin rejuvenating/toning and calming benefits. Apricot peach fragrance tantalizes the senses for a added treat! 


🌹No harmful dyes or detergents

🌹SUlfate free

🌹added fragrance 



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