Sweet Orange & Hibiscus Bar

Naturally Me by Kishya

$ 9.50
Sweet Orange & Hibiscus Bar

The superstars in this wonderful bar include:
🌱Hibiscus- known to even skin tone, hyperpigmentation, slight astringent and antioxdiant, help fight skin damaging free radicals and more.
🌱Aloe Vera-known as a wound healer, healer for chronic skin issues and anti-inflammatory oil. Great for sensitive skin.
🍊Apricot oil-moisturizing for dry skin and rejuvenates skin with its vitamins.
🍊Sweet orange oil- antioxidant, decrease wrinkles, improve complexions, ease anxiety as aroma therapy,and decrease wrinkles. 🍊Bergamot oil-unclog pores, balance the skin, anti-inflammatory and soothes chronic skin issues.


7.5 oz 


other ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, kosher glycerine, purified water, and saponifying ingredients as well as natural emulsifiers and conditioners. 

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