About us

Hello, my name is Kishya Hayden, and I own Naturally Me. My business began as a journey into natural hair and skin care for my family and I. As a parent of children with eczema I decided the best thing I could do for my children was to give them natural remedies for their problem skin. I started making my own lotion and using oils that were beneficial to the skin. 60% of what we put on our skin goes into our pores and then to our bloodstream. I knew I wanted it to be oils and products with ingredients I could read, understand, and that were healthy.

Naturally Me is dedicated to natural skin products and hair products that benefit the body in more ways than one. The skin/hair products I personally make are made with organic oils and unrefined butters. The hair products (coming soon)  I sell are the healthiest products for your hair in it's natural or treated state. My Mission is to offer products that benefit you from the inside out!



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