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Hey loves, 

I am Kishya Hayden, the owner and creator of Naturally Me LLC...

My passion for a more gentle solution for my children and their issues became my business

I was a frustrated parent of children with eczema and severe allergies. It was devastating for me to watch my toddlers (at the time) struggle to sleep at night due to itching and bleeding from inflamed irritated skin. The worse was my baby girl. She started to have light patches all on her face and body from the steroid creams, and with very dark skin this was messing with her self esteem. The steroid creams prescribed to her and the allergy medicines weren't doing what I wanted or needed them to do.  I began researching what natural oils and butters I could use that would actually benefit her skin, and aid in it's healing. Learning that 60% of what we put on our skin goes into our pores and then to our bloodstream... I grew even more concerned. I knew that the products I was using were not good enough for my babies!

Many of the lotions and oils were full of chemicals and ingredients that were harsh for problems such as hers. I went into my kitchen and begin mixing/whipping butters, oils, and trying herbs and salt/ oatmeal baths.. 

Naturally Me is dedicated to an organic & natural approach to skincare. We plan to feature new products every year that are natural & beneficial to you and your families skin!


Light and Love,

Kishya Hayden



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