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We are going on vacation so all orders placed will be filled after July 2. We will work hard soon as we return to fulfill all orders in a timely manner.


It's Summer and the temps are rising! PRIORITY SHIPPING IS THE BEST GUARANTEE YOUR BUTTERS AND BEARD BALMS WILL GET TO YOU WITHOUT BEING COMPLETELY MELTED!! Our butters are natural and melt when warm or in sunlight. We recommend ordering our oils in the summer if you are not a local customer. Shipping butters during these summer months is difficult and it can arrive melted no matter how much we work to prevent it. If you choose to order butter/balms during our warmer months always immediately place your butter in the fridge if melted so it hardens back up.


Naturally Me is a store that promotes natural skin care. We are dedicated to our customers desire to find the very best ingredients and products to maintain healthy hair and skin. 

 We take pride in using unrefined raw butters and natural oils!

*Our butters are made fresh in small batches and each batch can be different depending on temperature and whipping. Even though its made fresh, We move as quick as possible for our customers satisfaction!*



**Coconut oil is used in the body butters. Coconut oil is not recommended for the face due to its ability to clog pores. If you are acne prone or have oily skin you should not use coconut oil on your face, but use at your own discretion. Shea butter and mango butter can be used on the face but again, coconut oil is a added ingredient for "Shea Lovely" and "Mango butter". IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR BUTTER WITHOUT COCONUT OIL ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER PLEASE, I WILL BE GLAD TO ACCOMMODATE.**




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