Beard Oil

Naturally Me by Kishya

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Beard Oil

Nothing says hello like a Luxurious groomed and well kept beard. The best way to manage your beard and keep away split ends, itchiness, dryness and stubborn growth is to keep your strands and pores moisturized/healthy.

That’s why we have a lightweight, non-greasy beard oil for our men. This beard oil is made with five premium oils that glide on easy and leave no residue or cause build up. Amazing oils like Organic virgin Argan oil, long respected for his silky feel and amazing benefits for hair, along with Grape seed, Sweet Almond, Olive fruit oil and castor oil all known to assist in healthy growth while naturally protecting your skin.  Each oil carries a multitude of benefits for hair and skin which aid in the growth of your beard and increase your awesomeness! 

💫use after cleansing for daily moisture or as needed after cleansing.

💫can also be used on the hair on your head

💫Made with: Sweet Almond oil, Castor oil, Grape seed oil, Olive fruit oil, Virgin Organic Argan Oil, Rice bran extract, Rosemary Leaf extract, Sunflower Oil, tocopherols, sandalwood essential oil, & Cedarwood essential oil. 

(optional fragrance) 


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