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Naturally Me by Kishya

Moroccan Clay Mask

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Moroccan Red clay + Organic Rose Hip flower + Organic Chamomile flower 

Moroccan Red Clay- good for sensitive skin, gentle, pulls dirt and impurities from the skin to the surface, considered the most most rare and pure clay, known to clarify and moisturize the skin while improving elasticity and texture.

Organic Rose Hip flower- known to brighten, moisturize and reduce redness, calms irritated skin, anti inflammatory properties, high concentrations of Vitamin C, E, A, & D, slows aging, stimulates collagen & promotes growth and renewal of skin cells. With 60x the vitamin C you have in a orange this addition to your routine is highly beneficial to resetting your skin. 


Organic Chamomile flower- known for its skin softening abilities along with its anti-aging effects. Chamomile isn’t just calming for the skin it’s antibacterial, anti inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging. Chamomile helps even skin tone and pigmentation issues, promotes youthful looking skin and helps with skin issues like acne. 

🌱4 oz jar

🌱preservative free

🌱A dry mask so you add purified water

🌱never use metal spoons to mix the mask or metal bowls.

Directions: Mix one tbsp of clay with one tbsp of your liquid. Allow it to sit on your face (avoid eyes and mouth)for up to 2 mins or until partially dry. Rinse off using a soft cloth or hands until mask is completely gone and follow with your toner and moisturizer.  


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