Naturally Me Toner

Naturally Me by Kishya

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Naturally Me Toner

Toning your face after cleansing is beneficial to the health of your skin. Our toner contains organic rose water and organic witch hazel, both super beneficial to the balancing health of your skin. Many make the mistake of over drying their face to help rid themselves of acne, blemishes or oily skin. Everything requires balance, and not overly irritating products. Simple natural ingredients such as our toner can calm dry skin, redness, inflammation, acne, blemishes, breakouts and the appearance of large pores. 

🌿Our witch hazel is small batch steam distilled and alcohol free. Relied on for centuries by many cultures the time honored medicinal plant is known for its skin healing and restoring properties. Effective as a toner, cleanser, skin detox, natural astringent and more!

🌹Our rose water is steam distilled and 100% organic using fresh roses from Bulgaria. Rose water is a natural toner, ph balancer, anti-inflammatory and redness reducing water that cleanses and rejuvenates the skin. Many queens were known to not only bath in roses but in India many women only use rose water on their face. Nothing else touches their face. One of nature’s best beauty aides in rose water!

🚫Alcohol free

💯organic ingredients 


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