Sugar Baby Body Polish

Naturally Me by Kishya

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Have you been looking for a body scrub with Ultra moisturizing Shea Butter To soften & hydrate dry skin?

Our body polish contains non-clogging oils and amazing extracts like safflower, and sunflower along with vitamin E to aid the skin in replenishing lost natural oils while removing those dead layers of skin gently. 

Exfoliating gives your skin a healthy & radiant glow!

Our body polish exfoliates using fine grains of sugar (a natural AHA) to aid your skin in cellular turnover. Your exfoliation works by being a aid in the removal of dead old layers of skin sitting on top that need your help to shed. Once you exfoliate and remove those layers we then have access to the new layers of skin and can allow our oils and moisturizers to properly hydrate! 

Use up to every 3 or 4 days or 1-2 a week, over exfoliating can cause redness, skin sensitivity and irritation. Moderation is key. 


❤️Paraben free

❤️ Sulfate Free


fresh soft aloe fragrance -clean scent

Sweet papaya fragrance-fruity scent 

peppy peppermint-natural peppermint essential oil


Key Ingredients: Sugar, Shea Butter, Safflower seed oil, Sunflower extract, vitamin E, and rosemary leaf extract.

contains skin safe mild preservatives to prevent bacteria/mold.

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