“Sexy” body Oil

Naturally Me by Kishya

$ 15.00
“Sexy”  body Oil

This Body Oil is a beautiful plumeria scented oil for everyday use.

Natural skin loving oils like Sweet Almond and Apricot oil, known for being  packed with vitamins that nourish dry thirsty skin. Softening, hydrating and aromatic our Sexy oil is one you will love!

All natural Apricot oil , sweet Almond oil, vitamin E oil, rose essential oil with jojoba oil and fragrance. 

Almond oil- high in vitamin E, soothes and encourages the healing of dry irritated skin and relieves inflamed skin conditions such as eczema.

Apricot oil-softening and improves skin elasticity, helping to soothe fine lines, suitable for sensitive skin and provides a thin barrier against irritants. 

Rose oil- rejuvenates skin, reduces the apperance of fine lines, minimizes the appearance of broken capillaries on the skin. Acts as a skin toner and healer. 

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