The source of my butters

It is so important for me to find quality suppliers now. I research constantly and became consumed with the way Shea, mango, and even black soap are made. It is such a tedious yet beautiful process. It amazes me what comes from the nut or seed of a fruit, tree or plant. The women in Ghana, Uganda, and Brazil work very hard to provide for their families making butters. I am very cautious when I buy my butters. I make sure they are unrefined, I also make sure they are fair trade. Meaning the people (most are women) get above average and equal pay for their products and services. This may not be important to everyone but it's definitely important to me. Every little thing counts. So just know your products contain not just organic/natural butters and oils but most of them are fair trade. You are helping women around the world provide for their families. Thank you!
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